Porto Santo - João Gil and Celina da Piedade

Amazing promotional images to Porto Santo, João Gil composed the music and invited Celina da Piedade to sing with him.

The best kept secret!

This is the motto for a new video released by the Municipality of Porto Santo to publicize and promote the Golden Island. "With a population of no more than five thousand inhabitants, Porto Santo is the smallest inhabited island of the archipelago of Madeira. The island can live in a balanced way in the summer months, but in winter is suffering ", explains Filipe Menezes de Oliveira, Mayor of Porto Santo, stressing that" boost tourism, especially during the winter months, promoting and position the brand Porto Santo in the main tourist flow markets, create wealth for the population by offering services and preserve the culture and the island's heritage are the main aims of this project. "

The video release has a musical theme created by guitarist and composer João Gil and Played by Celina da Piedade, with arrangements by Artur Costa. The campaign was developed by the People's Jump agency and, beyond this first promotional video, other short films that will be produced through testimonies of the islanders will reveal new "secrets" of Porto Santo.

Porto Santo awaits for you all year...

"Porto Santo" - letter and music: João Gil with Celina da Piedade